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an intensive 4-month VIP program designed to repair, repopulate and regenerate your Gut Microbiome so you can be symptom-free and enjoy the foods you love again.


Do you go to bed each night looking 6 months pregnant but don't know why? 

Do you feel like you can't eat anything without being bloated and gassy?

Do you strain to have a bowel movement, have loose stools or a combination of both? 

Have you been told you have IBS but aren't sure how to proceed?

Do you have frequent UTI's, Yeast Infections, Brain Fog, Oral Thrush, Acne, Rashes / Eczema / Hives...?

Do you have frequent abdominal pain? 

I get it! I was in your shoes. I have personally suffered from almost every symptom listed above, and more...


I'm talking serious constipation, major bloating, hormonal imbalances, brain fog, constant gas, skin issues...

The list goes on. 


It wasn't until I became a Nutritionist that I learned that all of my symptoms were rooted in an imbalance in my Gut Microbiome. 


That’s why I created Gut Rehab, to help others just like me figure out the root of their digestive

imbalances and live bloat-free.

Meet Emily

Emily takes a root-cause approach to help clients regain their health using functional testing, professional supplements, whole foods and proper nutrition.


Based on her experience with IBS, Emily has taken a special interest in Gastrointestinal health and currently specializes in helping clients with digestive issues such as IBS, SIBO, Leaky Gut, Food Sensitivities, Parasites, Candida/Fungal Overgrowth and more. 


Gut Rehab is for you if...

  • You have been told you have IBS but want direction in terms of managing your symptoms 

  • You go to bed looking 6 months pregnant every night 

  • You have frequent cramping, gas and abdominal pain no matter what you eat 

  • You are constipated, have loose stools or fluctuate between both 

  • "Brain fog" or trouble concentrating is a common theme in your life

  • You struggle with “food fear” because you don’t know what foods may trigger your symptoms

  • You have low energy levels and are always feeling fatigued - By 2pm you’re already needing another coffee or a pick me up

  • You avoid tight clothing because you know it’s only a matter of time before the bloat kicks in

  • You have spent lots of time and money working with other health practitioners but you still struggle with bloating, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue or nutrient deficiencies

  • You avoid eating at friends houses or going out for dinner because you don’t know how you’ll look or feel at the end of the meal

  • You avoid going to the bathroom in public because of your intense bowel movements 

  • You have symptoms outside of digestive distress that indicate a Gut imbalance: frequent yeast or fungal infections, UTI's, oral thrush ("white tongue"), dermatitis, eczema, acne, extreme sugar cravings, irritability, anxiety, poor immune function, teeth grinding, bad breath, heart burn... 

This program will help you:

  • Uncover the root cause of your symptoms through in-depth assessments and functional testing

  • Eradicate any bacterial overgrowths and digestive imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms 

  • Improve digestion and rebalance your gut microflora to improve immunity, bowel regularity, bloating and nutrient absorption

  • Uncover and address nutrient deficiencies that may be impacting your overall health 

  • Ditch food fear and food anxiety! 

  • Get a clear idea of what foods may be exacerbating your symptoms and what foods to include, limit and avoid

  • Enjoy the foods you love again!

  • Identify lifestyle triggers that are directly contributing to your symptoms

  • Finally have regular bowel movements  

Image by Moritz Nie

The Gut Rehab Method


We begin by digging deep to uncover where your Digestive imbalances lie. This includes an in-depth symptomatology assessment, a 90-minute assessment call and any applicable functional testing.




Our next step is replacing any digestive supports that we've discovered are a little (or a lot) lacking. Low stomach acid? Pancreatic insufficiency? Sluggish bile flow? We start by addressing any and all of these insufficiencies using targeted supplementation, herbs and lifestyle supports. 


Our third step is to rebalance your intestinal terrain. This involves removing pathogens such as bacterial overgrowth, fungus, parasites, mold, etc. while also using targeted foods and supplements to restore healthy intestinal flora.


 Using specific supplements, herbs & healing foods, we work to repair the lining of your intestinal wall to optimize nutrient absorption, immune function and overall digestion. The goal here is to create a healthy, nourishing environment that supports optimal health long-term.

How it Works

Complete your initial

intake session & order applicable functional testing to determine where your imbalances lie - aka what's going wrong & why!

Meet for a 60 minute Strategy Call to discuss my findings & review your personalized Nutrition Plan, including supplement protocols, diet guidelines, recipes & more.

Officially begin your Gut Rehab program! Implement phase 1 of your Protocol and meet with me every 3 weeks to check-in on your progress.

What's Included in Gut Rehab? 

  • In-depth symptomatology assessment to uncover the root cause of your symptoms 

  • Detailed intake questionnaire to assess your current diet and lifestyle 

  • Customized 3-month nutrition protocol, including food and lifestyle recommendations

  • Customized supplement protocols, including access to my professional online dispensary shipped directly to your door. You'll also get a 10% discount off of all supplement orders, for life. 

  • Customized meal planning support and recipe booklets. 

  • Initial 90-minute assessment call to discuss symptoms, health history and any applicable testing.

  • Initial 60-minute strategy call to discuss and deliver your 3-month gut healing road map, including your customized lifestyle, dietary and supplement protocols. 

  • 4 x 45 minute follow-up calls booked every 3 weeks to discuss wins, challenges, and to adjust your protocols as-needed. 

  • Monthly 15 minute "check-in" calls to be scheduled any time & as-needed by you. 

  • 24/5 access to me, including weekly check-ins via direct messenger in your own private client portal. 

  • Access to your own personal food, mood and lifestyle journals with daily guidance and feedback from me.  

  • Informative PDF's to supplement your protocols, including foods to include and avoid, brand recommendations, navigating food labels, etc.

  • Recommendations and access to functional testing, when applicable. This may include food sensitivity testing, stool / microbiome testing (GI Map), SIBO breath testing, Organic acid testing, mycotoxin profiles and more. I do not always recommend these tests, but will let you know if I think they will be helpful! 

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