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The Gut Reset Program

Improve your Digestion, Reduce Inflammation & Transform Your Health 

in just 4-weeks

Our 4-week Gut Reset Program is designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to go from sluggish, backed-up, inflamed & bloated to confident and thriving. 

Does this sound like you?

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You feel puffy, inflamed, and your clothes just don't fit right these days


You have brain fog, low energy, and can't get through a day without caffeine

You feel bloated after eating and you often get "backed up" (you're constipated)

Heartburn and indigestion are big themes in your life


You constantly crave sugar and can't seem to kick that afternoon energy "slump" 

You feel like you're doing all the "right stuff" but you still feel tired, bloated and puffy 


You want to eat healthy but you feel overwhelmed with all the information out there

Imagine if in just 4 weeks, you:


Finally felt less bloated and could be confident in your digestion

Had regular healthy bowel movements  - no more constipation!

Adopted new daily routines that made you feel energized and healthy

Understood how certain foods affect your body, felt confident navigating the grocery store, and knew how to cook healthy meals that support your Gut, hormones and energy

Woke up feeling energized and had no more afternoon crashes!

No longer had sugar cravings, and actually craved healthy food

Shed weight and inflammation - your clothes fit a little better!

Had a healthier relationship with food and confidently chose foods that make you really good

A 4-Week Program designed to Improve your Digestion, Reduce Inflammation, Boost your Energy & Transform your Health

How does it Work?

Over the course of 4-weeks, we will be...

  • Following my Anti-Inflammatory Gut Reset Diet to take a load off the Gut and reduce inflammation

  • Working through weekly educational Work Books and learning new tips & habits to improve our Digestion, Energy, Mood and more. 

  • Meeting for weekly LIVE group sessions to review program materials and answer questions. 

  • Attending weekly virtual Yoga classes. 

  • Hanging out in our exclusive Facebook community!

If you're ready to:

Learn how to build balanced meals that support sustained energy and healthy digestion 

Understand which foods are triggering your digestive issues and which foods your body loves

Know how to identify digestive imbalances and what to do about them 

Understand how to keep your bowels regular and healthy, even when eating a little 'off-track'

Have a brand-new set of Wellness routines to help you feel energized, bloat-free and healthy each day 

Understand which foods to prioritize regularly to support your Gut Health

The Gut Reset Program is for YOU

What's Included?

  • (4) Weekly 1-hour group video calls

  • (4) Weekly Virtual Yoga Classes 

  • Private Facebook Group to Connect with a supportive community, share experiences, and receive guidance on your gut reset journey

  • (4) Comprehensive Workbooks packed with resources on:

    • digestion and gut health

    • grocery shopping

    • blood sugar balance

    • stress management

    • sleep hygiene

    • & more

  • (4) 7-Day meal plans, grocery lists and accompanying recipes 

  • Comprehensive Grocery Guide including brand recommendations, information on reading labels, and more. 

  • Optional Supplement Protocol with 10% discount on all products

Investment: $297 CAD

Our next group starts April 29th 2024

I completed Emily’s gut reset program and it was the best way to kick off my year! Not only did I feel refreshed, lighter and more energized, I learned SO much about my gut and digestion! Emily is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything in a way that was very easy to understand and put into practice. I have carried what I learned in this program into my every day life and I am feeling better than ever! I highly recommend this program to everyone, your gut will thank you! 

- Olivia H.

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