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Weekly Meal Plan Subscription

Meal Plan Subscription

Are you struggling to find healthy meal inspiration?


Is figuring out what to eat everyday stressing you out?

Are you eager to eat healthier but not sure where to start?

Say hello to your new best friend -  My weekly meal plan subscription!

Tackle your health goals, enjoy deliciously simple recipes and say goodbye to the stress of meal planning by letting ME do the work.

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Each Friday, you'll receive: 

  • A brand new 7-day meal plan, including 4-5 entree recipes (vegetarian, fish, poultry & meat), 3-4 breakfast recipes, and 3-4 snack recipes. 

  • An itemized grocery list organized by area of the grocery store to make your shopping for the week fast and easy. 

  • 15+ Delicious, easy-to follow recipes that are free of gluten, cow dairy & refined sugar. 


$16.99 / month + applicable taxes

 ($4.25 / week - less than a daily latte!)


My clients love my meal plans - I know

you will too. 

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