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Constipation Guide (your ultimate guide to going #2)

Constipation Guide (your ultimate guide to going #2)


Are you struggling to go? This guide is for you! It contains all of my tried and true methods for getting things moving and staying regular. 


As a gut health expert and someone who suffered with chronic constipation for years, I know how frustrating it can be when you just can't get things going. Through my years in practice, I have compiled an extensive tool kit for relieving constipation. This ebook contains all of my tried and true tips!


I cover: 


  • common root causes of constipation 
  • signs & symptoms that you might be constipated (because yes, you can poop every day and still be backed up!)
  • how to assess your transit time 
  • the importance of diet for staying regular
  • my favourite bowel cleansing drinks & formulas
  • the stress-constipation connection 
  • how to do a castor oil pack 
  • morning & evening routines that help keep things moving 
  • minerals to pay attention to for bowel health


and more





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