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4-Week Mini Nutrition Package

 Nutritionist, Healthy eating, healthy cooking, gut health, IBS, IBD, Constipation, Bloating, Meal planning, Gluten free, dairy free

This Mini Nutrition package is the perfect place to start if you are new to Holistic healing but you are ready to begin addressing your symptoms using the power of natural nutrition. 

Whether it be acid reflux, bloating, gas, irregular bowels, hormonal imbalances like PMS, low libido or acne, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin issues, joint pain or any other symptom, I will provide you with the guidance you need to begin your path to wellness. You'll receive a completely customized supplement, diet and lifestyle plan, as well as a completely personalized 7-day meal plan to get you started on your nutrition journey.  

  • Comprehensive gut health & symptomatology analysis (200+ symptoms assessed) 

  • (1) 60 minute initial consultation

  • (1) 45 minute follow up session 

  • (1) personalized 7-day meal plan, including 16+ recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

  • Personalized wellness plan including supplement, dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on your symptoms and goals

  • Recorded walk-through of your personalized wellness plan recommendations and meal-plan

  • Updated recommendations after your follow-up session 

  • 4-weeks of chat support to ask questions 

What my clients have to say

"Not to be dramatic - but Emily changed my life. After years of pain and discomfort in my gut, and a list of other symptoms correlated to my SIBO diagnosis, I finally was able to work through the issues to a healthier and happier version of myself. All with natural supplements and dietary changes! Emily was by my side every step of the way and made it as easy as possible. Could not have done it without her and I’d recommend anyone dealing with gut problems to have a chat with Emily because you won’t regret it!"

- Danielle C.

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