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“Gut rehab was the best decision I made last year. I thought it was going to be impossibly hard, but Emily makes it so easy! She provides so much 1-on-1 support, incredibly helpful handouts and her meal plans are SO organized & delicious. I still make most of her recipes even after the program. A very unexpected outcome was how in-tune with my body, feelings, and health I became (beyond just my gut health). I've carried this with me after the program and it's infinitely beneficial. When she says it's a VIP program she means it. I messaged her with the most silly questions and always got a quick and informative response. She's also there to talk you through cravings, concerns, etc! Every time we had a call, I would learn a lot and leave the call feeling motivated and energized. I just can't stress enough how non-judgemental, flexible, and supportive Emily is. If you've been considering trying a program like this, do it with her. Trust me.” 

—  Jamie I.