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HTMA Single Session


Identify your

Root Cause:

Digestive insufficiency? Bacterial overgrowth? Leaky Gut? Using symptom asessments + functional labs, we dig deep to figure out what's going wrong and why.

Rebalance your Microbiome: 

Let the healing begin! Review your personalized Gut Healing Roadmap and begin implementing your first Protocol. Meet with me regularly along the way to celebrate wins & address road-blocks.

Develop a

Maintenance Plan:

The hard work is over! It's time to develop some easy strategies to support your Gut long-term so you can continue to feel amazing and confident in your health.

Step 1 - The Deep Dive: We begin with a 90-minute intake session to review your health history, symptoms, goals and health concerns in detail. You will leave this call with some actionable first-steps to get started on right away.


Step 2 – Data Collection: I may recommend some additional testing to help uncover your root cause and get further insight into your health. This may include functional labs (i.e. GI Map stool testing, food sensitivity testing, vitamin and mineral analysis, etc.), as well as blood work from your Doctor, when applicable. 

Step 3 – Gut Healing Roadmap: Once all results are in, we meet for a 60-minute Strategy Session to review your Gut Healing Roadmap. We will also review your first healing plan (protocol). This plan will include custom dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, as well as additional resources like meal plans, recipes, food lists, sleep guides, and more. 


Step 4 – Implement: Once you've begun implementing my recommendations, we will continue to meet regularly over the next few months to discuss your progress, address any roadblocks, and make adjustments to your protocol, as-needed. 

Step 5 - The Sign-Off: At the end of our time together, you will leave with a personalized maintenance plan including supplement, lifestyle and dietary recommendations to continue supporting your Gut Health long-term. 

  • Comprehensive gut health & symptomatology analysis

  • 90-minute Initial Consultation call to review your health history, goals, health concerns and symptoms in detail

  • 60-minute Strategy Session to review your lab results, your gut healing road map and your personalized 4-month healing plan

  • 4 x 30-minute follow-up sessions (scheduled every 3 weeks)

  • Unlimited access to me through direct-messenger to ask questions

  • Personalized (monthly) Healing Protocols based on your symptom reports, health concerns, goals and lab results, including custom supplement, diet and lifestyle recommendations

  • Access to personalized food, mood and lifestyle journals to keep you on track outside of our appointments

  • Recipe booklets, sample meal plans and customized food lists to compliment your protocols

  • Lifestyle tools and educational resources to help with stress, sleep, digestion and more

  • Access to my professional online supplement dispensary (+ a 10% discount for life!)


...And your own personal cheerleader - we're in this together!

INVESTMENT: $1795.00 CAD + tax (*payment plans available)


Ready to do this?

What my clients have to say

"Not to be dramatic - but Emily changed my life. After years of pain and discomfort in my gut, and a list of other symptoms correlated to my SIBO diagnosis, I finally was able to work through the issues to a healthier and happier version of myself. All with natural supplements and dietary changes! Emily was by my side every step of the way and made it as easy as possible. Could not have done it without her and I’d recommend anyone dealing with gut problems to have a chat with Emily because you won’t regret it!"

- Danielle C.

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