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Gut Health Deep Dive


Are you tired of guessing what's causing your symptoms? Fed-up with spending money on supplements and cleanses that just don't work? Eager to figure out the real reason behind your ongoing digestive issues?

It might be time for a Gut Health

Deep Dive and a GI MAP!


The Gut Health Deep Dive includes (1) GI MAP Stool Test, a virtual Lab-Review session and a personalized Nutrition protocol.


The GI MAP is a comprehensive at-home stool test that gives us a true snapshot of what's going on in your Gut. By understanding what's causing your symptoms, we can come up with a plan that actually works.


Read more about GI MAP Testing here.


You'll be sent a series of intake forms, a detailed symptomatology 

assessment and an at-home stool testing kit (the GI MAP). You'll send your stool sample to a lab and 3-weeks later, we'll have your results.


Once your GI MAP test results are in, we'll meet one-on-one to review them in detail, and I'll help you connect the dots between your results and your symptoms. 


You will leave your review session with a personalized 4-week gut healing protocol, including supplement, lifestyle & diet recommendations that are specific to you, based on your symptoms and GI MAP results.

** While the GI MAP test is a great starting point, it is only one piece of the puzzle. If you have multiple symptoms and health concerns, check out my 4 month 1:1 gut rehab program so we can take a deeper look at things and work side by side to tackle your symptoms. 


** This deep dive includes a 4-week protocol to get you started on your gut healing journey. It's important to me that you get the care you need, so if I feel you will need ongoing support, you will be given the option to 'upgrade' by joining my 4-month Gut Rehab program. You'll be able to use the cost of your Gut Health Deep Dive towards the cost of Gut Rehab, less the cost of the GI MAP test. 

What my clients have to say

"Not to be dramatic - but Emily changed my life. After years of pain and discomfort in my gut, and a list of other symptoms correlated to my SIBO diagnosis, I finally was able to work through the issues to a healthier and happier version of myself. All with natural supplements and dietary changes! Emily was by my side every step of the way and made it as easy as possible. Could not have done it without her and I’d recommend anyone dealing with gut problems to have a chat with Emily because you won’t regret it!"

- Danielle C.

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